“Experiencing Ireland” by Julia M. Williams, past president, ProComm

Cliffs of Galway

Ireland—even just the name evokes images of green fields, friendly people, and, perhaps, pints of frothy Guinness. When you travel to Ireland for ProComm 2015, you will have the opportunity to see and experience much more than this. I’d like to suggest a couple of travel options that will make your trip to Ireland a memorable one. Because I’m … [Read more...]

Limerick 2015 International Round Table Discussion on Technical and Professional Communication

The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) and the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) will co-host a round table discussion in the afternoon between the conclusion of the ProComm 2015 conference and the start of the ACM SIGDOC conference.  The focus of this discussion will be to examine the … [Read more...]

If Spring comes, can Summer be far behind?


Though snow may still linger in your hometown, it really is time to focus on July in Ireland! I heartily recommend choosing on-campus housing for a number of reasons. CONVENIENCE — No driving and looking for parking! Just walk a few minutes across a beautiful pedestrian river bridge, and you are in the thick of things. COST — Though there … [Read more...]

“Mixing Work and Pleasure” by Carolyn Boiarsky

Our Cottage

The best part of the ProComm Conference is the opportunity to mix work and pleasure. The work is the Conference but the pleasure is Ireland. Years ago I read The Mists of Avalon and decided I was part Celtic. (My DNA [spit] test says I am 1% British Isles so maybe I really am). I have been there 4 times and the 2015 ProComm Conference will be my … [Read more...]

“Images from Ireland” by Marjorie Davis

Ireland View

The first time I visited Ireland, I was immediately charmed by its fabled beauty. Flying into Shannon Airport, we couldn’t believe the intense greens; the small fields fenced about with stones; the little cottages and clusters of houses and little shops that make up the Irish village. At first it feels like you are on a movie set, or you just … [Read more...]

Message from Ron Blicq, co-author of Technically-Write!, now in its 6th edition


Remembering the pleasure of the 2005 conference at Limerick—the ambience, the people, the program, the campus, the surrounding countryside—I immediately entered the dates for the 2015 conference in my calendar and listed the entry as a “must” event. I'll definitely be there. Ron Blicq … [Read more...]

“Once is an incident; twice is a trend; thrice is a tradition” by Michaël Steehouder

Students Limerick 2005

  "Once is an incident; twice is a trend; thrice is a tradition” If this saying is true, ProComm 2015 creates a tradition: every fifth year the PCS conference should be held in Europe! Many young students attended Limerick 2005 and Twente 2010 and became good friends. Most of them have made a successful career during the past decade. … [Read more...]

“There Once Was a City Named Limerick…” by Nancy Coppola

N.W. Coppola

Perhaps it was the intriguing medieval castles or the pints raised at local pubs, but there was a bonhomie that developed around IPCC 2005 that made our conference colleagues feel like kindred spirits sharing a remarkable journey. And ProComm 2015 should prove no differently. One of my fondest memories was our trip to the 15th Century Bunratty … [Read more...]

“The Total Limerick Experience” Sandy Bartell


I went to the first ProComm conference in Limerick in 2005, and to this day, it is still the best conference I ever attended. Not only was the program outstanding, but all the other things I could see and do in that lovely green part of Ireland provided memories I will never forget — from the social events, to walks along the River Shannon, … [Read more...]

“Exchange Ideas and Insights at ProComm 2015″ by Kirk St. Amant


ProComm 2015 represents an amazing opportunity for exchanging ideas, insights, and practices not only among individuals from academia and industry, but also with colleagues representing a wide range of nations and cultures. The atmosphere of the conference is one of true interaction and collaboration, and many of us who attended in 2005 were … [Read more...]