Resources for Educators

This page lists resources that are benefitial to educators in technical and professional communication, as well as engineering educators who incorporate writing and communication in their courses.

Marsha Lovett on Learning Sciences and Professional Communication

Dr. Marsha Lovett talked about leveraging technology in the learning sciences in the opening keynote for IPCC 2014. We asked her what role learning sciences can play in improving pedagogy and student learning, especially in professional communication, in this interview.


This series of podcasts is part of our commitment to advance communication as a core element of engineering. Here you will find useful information and tips from internationally recognized communication experts.


The SLOT-C Database

Research shows that nonprofit organizations—particularly small, local, underfunded organizations—fail to promote and accomplish their missions when they lack effective communications. Research also shows that students grow not only academically and professionally but also as good citizens of their local communities when they tackle real nonprofit projects and thus help nonprofits fulfill community needs.

The SLOT-C Database (Service Learning Opportunities in Technical Communication Database) helps prepare college students to work as professional communicators (e.g., technical writers, marketing professionals, graphic designers) by giving them access to real-world projects such as writing technical documentation, creating marketing materials, and designing websites and graphics. Specifically, the SLOT-C connects university instructors who are looking for service-learning opportunities for their upper-division and graduate communication courses to nonprofit organizations that need help with communication projects such as websites, brochures, and user guides.